Who is Not Eligible for Medicare?

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Who is Not Eligible for Medicare?

Medicare is a health insurance program designed to cover essential healthcare costs such as durable medical equipment, hospice care, preventive screenings, and more. 

Many people become eligible for Medicare when they’re 65 or older and can take full advantage of these coverage benefits. However, there are certain categories of people who do not qualify for Medicare. In this guide, we’ll explain what can make you ineligible to enroll in the program.

Who is Not Eligible?

The Medicare program is available to people aged 65 or older. This means people below age 65 who do not meet other eligibility requirements cannot enroll in the program until they turn 65 or qualify through other means. If you have been diagnosed with ALS or end-stage renal disease, you can enroll in Medicare while under 65. You can also enroll in Medicare while under 65 if you receive Social Security disability benefits for 24 months. 

People who do not fall in these categories must wait until the initial enrollment period to qualify for Medicare. The initial enrollment period is the first enrollment period for newly eligible individuals. It runs three months before you turn 65 up until three months after your 65th birthday month. Enrolling during this period as soon as you become eligible is a very important step in making sure you don’t delay your coverage and have to pay late enrollment penalties.

There are other categories of people who cannot enroll in Medicare. For example, non-citizens or people who are not permanent legal residents cannot enroll in the program. To enroll in Medicare, you must be a citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States for at least five years. This means new immigrants are ineligible to enroll in Medicare. Those who have also tried to enroll previously but were denied may not be eligible to enroll after a certain period. For example, people who supplied the wrong information during their initial enrollment process may not be able to re-enroll in the program for some years.

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