Medicare Supplement Plan N

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What is Medigap Plan N?

Medicare Supplement Plan N was introduced in 2010 and offers lower premiums in exchange for you paying your Part B deductible, some co-pays for doctor and emergency visits, and excess charges (a 15% surcharge beyond what Medicare covers). Plan N covers the 20% that Part B does not, as well as your hospital deductible and all of your hospital co-pays and coinsurance. Your standard preventive care is always covered by Medicare.

Compare Medigap Plans to Find the One That’s Best for You

If Medicare and all of its parts and plans feel a little overwhelming, let us help you simplify it. Try out our free comparison tool to easily see the major differences between each Medigap plan and narrow down your top selections. If you’re still feeling unsure about which is best for you, our agents will be happy to help!